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           Welcome to Black River Brittanys

     After becoming involved with the Brittany in 1989, I took a break to continue my education and to start a family. In 2005 my husband and I got our first Brittany CH Shaddywoods Legend Top Gun "Gunner". The Brittany then became a vital part of our family. 

     In 2009 we started our own kennel under the name of Black River Brittanys. Here at our kennel we strive to improve the quality of the Brittany standard. Our intent in breeding is to produce good temperament, genetics and overall health. We test our dogs for any eye, thyroid, heart, hips and elbows. All of our dogs hips and elbows are OFA certified at the age of two. We guarantee our hips and elbows.

tanys are a very versatile breed. They are excellent in companionship including with children of all ages, a guardian and hunter. The breed is also good in agility, obedience and confirmation. The average height and weight of the breed is between 17.5-20.5 inches at the shoulders along with 30-40 pounds. Brittanys are of high energy. They require a soft touch and patience in their training routine. The coat is of medium length not wiry nor silky. 
Colors of the breed vary from orange & white,
liver & white, tri colored, orange roan and liver roan.
They should not have any black color.

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